Dupont Vespel for chemical factories

Dupont™ Vespel® for gas plants

As part of the production of natural gas, gas plants also produce hydrocarbon liquids. If the gas is sour, it will be necessary to strip the H2S. These are some excellent services for
Vespel® CR-6100.


  • Centrifugal pump wear rings
  • Vertical pump shaft bearings
  • Centrifugal pump throttle bushings
  • Centrifugal pump throat bushings

Typical Services:

  • Hydrocarbon condensate
  • Natural gas liquids
  • Amine stripping pumps
  • Sour water

If you have any “bad actor” pumps in your gas plant, consider upgrading them with Vespel® CR-6100. Contact Boulden today to discuss your application.