The PERF-Seal™

A while back, we introduced the PERF-Seal™ design for center bushings, throttle bushings, and pump wear rings.

Below you can see the center bushing and case wear rings of a 2-stage pump which was upgraded to Vespel® CR-6100 with the PERF-Seal™ design.

2-stage pump with PERF-Seal

The holes drilled in the PERF-Seal™ create a turbulence field, thereby reducing leakage across the component--acting in a way similar to a labyrinth. However, unlike a labyrinth design, the PERF-Seal™maintains the same hydraulic stiffness as a plain wear ring and discourages tangential whirl of the process fluid.

Better operability, reliability and efficiency

Boulden worked with Mechanical Solutions to create an FEA model of the design and to create a custom test rig to validate the performance of the design. If you are interested in the results of this testing, Contact Boulden and we will be happy to share with you. 

Boiler Feed Pump Case Study

We were approached by a power plant looking to upgrade their 2MW (3000 HP) boiler feed pumps. Their process had changed over the years to require frequent cycling and they wanted to use Vespel® CR-6100 to avoid pump seizure. Due to the size of the pumps, increased efficiency was an added bonus. 

We applied the PERF-Seal™ design to all of the stationary wear components--case rings, throttle bushing, and center bushing. The pump had demonstrated the following

  • No issues stopping and starting the pump during plant cycles
  • 10% lower power consumption during full load operation
  • Motors no longer run in the safety factor during full load operation

2-Stage Pump Upgraded to Vespel CR-6100 with PERF Seal design

The pumps have now been running for 2 years. A full case study was recently published in POWER Magazine and is available here.

Until Next Time

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For details on how to install Vespel® CR-6100 into nearly any pump type, download the Boulden Installation Guide.