Cermatec™ vertical pump shaft bearings

Cermatec™ can be used for vertical pump bearings in abrasive services


Upgrade your vertical pump shaft bearings with Cermatec™

Vertically suspended pumps are often located in abrasive services such as river water or canal water with suspended sand particles or other waste water services. In many services, the bearings need to run dry for a period as the pump starts up until liquid enters the column where the bearings are located. This creates a tough operating environment as the shaft bearings need to be low friction and wear resistant, while also resisting the abrasive wear from the sand. Typical bearing materials such as carbon and bronze frequently suffer premature wear. Rubber bearings can resist the wear, but will fail quickly if they are exposed to dry running or any chemicals.

Cermatec™ has an excellent set of properties to confront this challenge. It can survive periodic dry running, but also has good abrasive resistance, broad chemical resistance, and a low wear rate to provide a long pump life.

What to do

  • Use Cermatec™ for the shaft bearings on your vertically suspended pumps in abrasive service
  • Use a hard-coated sleeve or shaft under the Cermatec™ bearings
  • Do a quality repair of the pump such that the rotor turns freely after assembly


  • Abrasive resistant bearings
  • Survival of run-dry at start up
  • Low wear rate
  • Longer pump life
  • Lower life cycle cost