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Krytox™ lubricants for steam turbines

Krytox™ is an ideal lubricant for high temperature steam turbine valve racks

Chemours™ Krytox™ lubricants for expansion bearings

Krytox™ can also be used for steam turbine expansion bearings and other components.

Krytox™ Application

The flow of steam into a steam turbine is controlled by a series of valves, normally driven by a cam shaft and lifting levers. The assembly is collectively known as the “valve rack.” The components in the valve rack operate in an extremely harsh environment. They can be exposed to hot, corrosive, high-velocity steam flow. Conventional lubricants used on these components can quickly oxidize or break down, at which point the valve rack can end up locked in one position compromising speed control over the steam turbine.

Krytox™ is the ideal lubricant for this application, with high temperature grades capable of running at 400°C (750°F) without oxidation, Krytox™ will help your steam turbines run more reliably with less maintenance.

What to do:

  • Clean previous lubricants from valve rack components
  • Grease the components with Krytox™


  • Better steam turbine control
  • More reliable lubrication
  • Less maintenance

Other Steam Turbine Applications:

  • Inlet governor valves
  • Expansion bearings
  • Trip and throttle valves

If you want to improve the lubrication of your steam turbine components, contact Boulden today.