The Effect of Wear Ring Clearance on NPSHR

Recommended reading from the 32nd Pump Users Symposium, 2016

A Short Break

In recent weeks, we have discussed how an upgrade to composite wear rings allows you to avoid pump seizure, and therefore reduce the wear ring clearance in your pump. This reduction in clearance increases the Lomakin Effect in the pump and improves pump efficiency.

One thing we did not discuss is that reducing the wear ring clearance also reduces the pump NPSHR.

In the past, discussion of the relationship between pump NPSHR, wear ring clearance, and cavitation has led to many questions. Unfortunately, the answers to these questions are somewhat restricted due to limited testing on this topic.

Last year, there was a paper which provided some clear data on this subject. The authors used a pump test stand, two different impeller configurations, and wear rings at various clearances. We recommend taking a look at the following paper for greater technical insight into the relationship between wear ring clearance and pump NPSHR.

The Influence of Impeller Wear Ring Geometry on Suction Performance

by Thomas Leibner, David Cowan, and Simon Bradshaw

Published at the 32nd Pump Users Symposium

Houston, TX, September 2016

Until Next Time

In the near future, we will return to our series on upgrading pumps with Vespel® CR-6100, addressing how to upgrade specific pump configurations.

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