VibVue–Visualizing Vibration

What if You Could Actually SEE Vibration?


Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is well-known for their ability to accurately diagnose difficult rotating machinery problems, AND to provide an engineered, implementable solution. They also have 22 years in solving problems using high-speed video. Recently, those two threads came together to bring the VibVue™ system to market through MSI’s Envision Motion division.

What is VibVue™?

This exciting new technology uses high-speed video to analyze vibration on a pixel-by-pixel basis, and then to visualize that vibration for the entire machine through significant amplification (up to 1000 times!) at distinct frequencies. The VibVue™ Pro system facilitates full-machine analysis and visualization at frequencies over 600Hz, enabling diagnoses involving many multiples of running speed, such as vane and blade pass. The resultant high-definition videos provide a comprehensive, realistic, data-enhanced view of the machine or piping system’s motion for problem identification and solution determination.

For example, this video of a pipeline station vent is amplifying vibration at 418 Hz. VibVue™ lets you find the needle in the haystack. To learn more, head to the Envision Motion website.

Whole Installation of the VibVue








Close Up of the Station Vent – Vib Vue








To learn more about MSI’s capabilities, including an extensive array of case studies featuring their rotating machinery solutions, go to the MSI website.

Come See Boulden

Boulden is working with MSI to help introduce this new technology. Come check out VibVue™ at the Boulden booth 1434 at the Texas A&M Pump and Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston next week.

As always, Boulden will also have Vespel® CR-6100, the Boulden PERF-Seal™ design, and some other new things for you to see.

If you can’t make it to the show, Contact Us for more information.


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