Cermatec™  bearings replace carbon

Cermatec™ is a strong, durable bearing material ideal for replacing carbon bearings


Replace carbon bearings with Cermatec™

Cermatec™ can replace carbon bearings in a wide range of machinery applications. Cermatec™ is durable, impact resistant, and thermal shock resistant which can help prevent the extensive damage which can occur when a carbon bearing breaks. Cermatec™ offers excellent dimensional stability, low friction, and minimal wear.

What to do

  • Replace carbon bearing components with Cermatec™
  • Use Cermatec™ for either radial or axial bearing components
  • Make sure mating metal component has sufficient hardness


  • Durable and impact resistant bearings
  • High load-carrying capability
  • Thermal shock resistant bearings
  • Low wear and low friction
  • Reduced damage to machinery components