Cermatec™ bearings

Cermatec™ is a form of durable, impact resistant silicon carbide


Replace Silicon Carbide with Cermatec™ Bearings

Silicon carbide is an excellent bearing material under most circumstances, but it is unfortunately quite brittle. During assembly, parts can break. During service, silicon carbide parts can shatter, creating an acute failure mode for the machine with extensive internal damage.

Cermatec™ offers dimensional stability similar to silicon carbide, combined with excellent wear resistance and low friction. However, unlike silicon carbide, Cermatec™ is durable, impact resistant, shock resistant, and will mitigate the acute failure modes associated with silicon carbide.

What to do

  • Silicon carbide bearing components with Cermatec™ components


  • Minimal risk of breakage during assembly or operation
  • Durable and impact resistant ceramic bearings
  • Long life with minimal wear
  • Does not shatter into abrasive pieces, minimizing damage to other machine components