Cermatec machined parts
Boulden can manufacture Cermatec™ parts
up to 20” (500 mm) diameter.

Boulden Cermatec™ is a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite, which enables the application of composite materials in a wide range of services which were previously reserved for metal, carbon, or ceramic parts.

  • Temperature capabilities up to 1470⁰F (800⁰C)
  • Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion in both axial and radial directions
  • Durable, impact resistant, and thermal shock resistant beyond traditional ceramics
  • Non-seizing or galling
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Good abrasive resistance
  • Can handle both radial and axial loads
  • Can be used for either rotating or stationary components

Boulden can supply Cermatec™ components up to 20” (500 mm) diameter. We supply machined components to fit a wide range of geometries.

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