Canned motor pump bearings

Upgrade your canned motor pump with Cermatec™ wear components

Cermatec™ Application

Canned motor pumps are a type of sealless pump used in a wide range of services in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. With this design, the pump rotor and motor are integrated into one housing, eliminating the need for a mechanical seal or external bearing housing. Because of this design, the bearings are lubricated with the process fluid and must carry both radial and axial loads. Traditionally, these bearings have been made from silicon carbide or carbon, which work well under normal operating conditions. However, both materials suffer from breaking under impact loads and can suffer acute failure during off-design conditions.

Cermatec™ offers a better solution for the bearings in canned motor pumps because it is durable, thermal shock resistant, wear resistant, and can survive periodic dry running. It can also be manufactured into thin thrust discs which are durable and strong.

What to do:

  • Replace existing bearing components with Cermatec™
  • Run Cermatec™ parts against hardened metal sleeves or against another Cermatec™ part

Cermatec™ Benefits:

  • Durable bearings which eliminate the acute failure modes associated with silicon carbide or carbon bearings
  • Reduce risk of extensive machine damage
  • Low friction and wear
  • Long bearing life

Contact Boulden today to upgrade your canned motor pump bearings to Cermatec™. We can work together to make your pump last longer.