Cermatec™ Benefits

Consider Cermatec™ components to help solve problems with broken or worn pump components

Consider Cermatec™ to improve your pump life

Cermatec™ gives you the material you need to solve some of the toughest issues in your plant and improve your pump reliability. Historically, high temperature pumps, abrasive services, and sealless pump bearings have been the realm of metallic wear parts, carbon and graphite parts, or ceramics. Metal parts can gall or seize, requiring large running clearances. Carbon, graphite, and ceramics can fracture, leading to acute failure modes and extensive machine damage.

Cermatec™ is a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite which has the wear resistance and bearing properties of a ceramic material, but the durability, thermal-shock resistance, and run-dry capabilities of a carbon-fiber reinforced composite. It can be used in a broad range of chemicals up to temperatures of 800 C/1470 F.

Some problems where you can consider an upgrade to Cermatec™ include: