Cermatec™ Gear pump bearings

Cermatec™ can handle the high loads inherent in gear pump bearings and provide excellent reliability

Gear pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used in a wide range of services all across the fluid processing industries. The rotor and “idler” of the pump are carried by bearings which are often made from carbon or bronze. These bearings carry huge loads. Carbon can break; bronze can wear prematurely. Cermatec™ is an excellent option for this application, as it is a durable carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic with a very low wear rate, capable of carrying extreme loads.

Cermatec™ Application

What to do:

  • Replace existing bearing material with bearings made from Cermatec™

Cermatec™ Benefits:

  • Low wear and long life
  • High load-carrying ability
  • Durable material that does not break from mechanical or thermal shocks compared to carbon-based materials

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