Ceramic composite machined parts

Boulden can machine Cermatec™ parts for a wide range of geometries and applications

Boulden can supply machined Cermatec™ components to fit your application.

Boulden has in-house machining capabilities enabling Boulden to produce Cermatec™ finished components in multiple configurations and diameters as large as 20” (500 mm).

  • Cermatec™ wear rings with tight tolerances
  • Cermatec™ bearings with ground surface finish
  • Cermatec™ rings or bearings inserted into metal holders
  • Vertical pump bushings with radial or axial grooves
  • Thin-walled thrust plates

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Whatever your component geometry, we can work with you to design and manufacture Cermatec™ parts to fit the application. Contact Boulden today with your application details to upgrade to Cermatec™ and sign up for our newsletter!