Magnetic drive pump bearings

Cermatec™ bearings can make your magnetic drive pump more reliable


Cermatec™ Application:

Magnetic drive pumps (i.e. mag-drive pumps) use a magnetic coupling to drive the pump rotor, which is completely enclosed within the pump casing. This design eliminates the need for a mechanical seal and is frequently used to seal some of the most challenging liquids in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industry.

Because the pump rotor is enclosed within the casing, the pump bearings are lubricated by the process fluid. Traditionally, these bearings have been made from silicon carbide, which is an excellent bearing material under normal operation, but can suffer acute failure modes during impact or dry running.

Cermatec™ offers an ideal bearing material for this application. Cermatec™ is a fiber reinforced silicon carbide ceramic composite, with bearing properties similar to silicon carbide, but with high impact resistance and tolerance of dry running.

What to do:

  • Replace existing silicon carbide parts with Cermatec™


  • Eliminate acute failure modes associated with broken silicon carbide parts
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Tolerance for dry running without extensive damage to other pump components
  • Tough, durable bearings which can withstand impact

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