Cermatec Pump Wear Rings Cermatec Wear Rings

Cermatec™ Application:

Cermatec™ wear rings can be used in high temperature pumps and abrasive service pumps across a wide range of chemicals. Cermatec™ does not gall or seize like metal parts, therefore allowing the pump to operate with tighter running clearances. Cermatec™ can be used for either rotating or stationary wear rings.

What to do:

  • Replace either the rotating or stationary wear rings with Cermatec™
  • Use hardened metal components for the mating wear rings.
  • Depending on the part geometry and operating temperature, Cermatec™ can be installed as either an insert or a solid ring.
  • Reduce the wear ring clearance to suit the application.
  • Make sure the pump overhaul results in good rotor concentricity such that the rotor turns freely after assembly.


  • Elimination of the metal-to-metal contact points in the pump
  • Ease of alignment because the wear rings will not gall when the rotor is turned
  • Easier start-up and shut down due to reduced risk of seizure
  • Lower vibration due to increased damping from smaller wear ring clearance
  • Reduced shaft deflection at the mechanical seal due to tighter clearance
  • Higher efficiency due to reduced internal leakage at the wear rings

Contact Boulden today with your application details to upgrade your pump wear rings to Cermatec™. We have the material you need in stock and can machine components to suit your application with a short lead time.