Vertically Suspended Pump Shaft Bearings

Cermatec™ is an excellent shaft bearing material for vertical pumps in abrasive services


Cermatec™ Applications:

Cermatec™ can be used for vertically suspended pump shaft bearings in abrasive services, replacing rubber, other ceramics, or metal bearings. Cermatec™ is durable, chemically resistant, and can survive run dry periods at start up. Upgrade your vertical pump shaft bearings to Cermatec™ to make your pumps last longer.

What to do:

  • Provide the dimensions of the original shaft bearings so that we can design Cermatec™ replacements
  • Install the Cermatec™ bearings
  • Run the Cermatec™ bearings against hard-coated sleeves or shaft
  • Make sure the pump rotor turns freely after assembly to verify rotor concentricity
  • Re-check that the rotor turns freely after installed with the coupling in the field to avoid coupling-induced shaft misalignment.

Benefits of Applying Cermatec™:

  • Abrasive resistant and chemical resistant bearings
  • Impact resistant and thermal shock resistant bearings
  • Long life and low wear rate
  • Tolerant of dry running at start-up
  • Increased pump reliability

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