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Krytox™ lubricants for electric motors

Simplify your motor lubrication plan and lubricate motors for life using Krytox™

Chemours™ Krytox™ lubricants

Krytox™ Application:

Consider your electric motor lubrication program. Each motor has to be greased with the right amount of the right grease at the right time. With perhaps thousands of motors on site, this can be a logistical challenge at a minimum. Krytox™ grease can eliminate the entire maintenance hassle associated with greased bearings because it does not oxidize and can last for a decade or more without need for re-greasing. You can follow the same procedure below for greased pump bearings and have a greased for life machinery skid.

What to do:

  • At the time of motor rebuild (or new build), start with a new bearing. Verify the bearing clearance is C3 or larger.
  • Clean the bearing of any other lubricant or preservative oil
  • Grease the bearing with Krytox™. (Contact Boulden for detailed greasing and cleaning procedures)
  • Replace seals or shields to prevent leakage of the grease.
  • Tag the port as being greased for life with Krytox™


  • No more worries about over-greasing, incorrect grease intervals, or having grease enter the motor windings.
  • Fewer motor bearing failures
  • Lower routine maintenance requirements
  • Reduced manpower requirements for routine maintenance activities—your people can focus on the important machines and tasks on site to improve production and reliability

If you would like to consider a greased-for-life program at your site, contact Boulden today.