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Kyrtox lubricants for heat exchangers

Improve the lubrication of your air cooled heat exchanger fans with Krytox™

Chemours™ Krytox™ lubricant

 Krytox™ Application

The air cooled heat exchangers in a process facility are always a tough lubrication application. The bearings are located in a tough to access area and often operating at elevated temperature. For induced drafted heat exchangers, the bearings can often run at 100 C (212 F) when in service. It is not a surprise to find out that bearing failure is one of the top maintenance problems with these machines.

Krytox™ can help improve the life of air cooled heat exchanger bearings. Krytox™ does not oxidize and can be used for extremely long lubrication intervals, lower maintenance requirements and improved bearing life.

What to do:

  • Clean the bearing of any other lubricant or preservative oil
  • Grease the bearing with Krytox™. (Contact Boulden for detailed procedures) 
  • Replace seals or shields to prevent leakage of the grease.
  • Tag the bearing as being greased for life with Krytox™
  • Fill approximately 40% of the bearing housing free space on either side of the bearing with Krytox™


  • Fewer bearing failures
  • Lower routine maintenance requirements
  • Reduced manpower requirements for routine maintenance activities—your people can focus on the important machines and tasks on site to improve production and reliability

If you are looking for a better solution for lubricating the air cooled heat exchanger bearings at your site, contact Boulden today.