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Chemours™ Krytox™ lubricants for fan bearings  Krytox™ does not oxidize in the high temperature environment associated with many induced draft fans

Krytox™ Application

Induced draft fans in a process facility can cause lubrication headaches, especially if when they operate in a hot service. The air flow from the tower can cause the bearings can often run in excess of 100°C (212°F) when in service. At these temperatures, hydrocarbon-based lubricants will rapidly oxidize and require frequent re-lubrication.

Krytox™ can help improve the life of induced draft fan bearings. Krytox™ does not oxidize and can be used for extremely long lubrication intervals, lower maintenance requirements and improved bearing life.

What to do

  • Start with a new clean bearing
  • Grease the bearing with Krytox™. (Contact Boulden for detailed procedures)
  • Replace seals or shields to prevent leakage of the grease.
  • Tag the bearing as being greased for life with Krytox™
  • Fill approximately 40% of the bearing housing free space on either side of the bearing with Krytox™


  • Fewer bearing failures
  • Lower routine maintenance requirements
  • Reduced manpower requirements for routine maintenance activities—your people can focus on the important machines and tasks on site to improve production and reliability

Sometimes, plants also have problems with the lubrication of the pitch adjustment bushings on their induced draft fans. Krytox™ can offer superior performance for this application as well.

If you are having problems with the induced draft fan bearings at your site, contact Boulden  today.