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Krytox™ lubricants for soot blowers

Krytox™ grease in a sootblower gearbox after testing

Chemours™ Krytox™ for bearings

Hydrocarbon grease in a sootblower bearing is completely oxidized after several months.

Krytox™ Application

Soot blowers remove the accumulated ash and particles from boiler tubes to keep a boiler running efficiently and cleanly. This is a tough environment for a lubricant with high operating temperatures. Hydrocarbon lubricants in the gearbox can oxidize, leading to high maintenance requirements.

Krytox™ has been used successfully in soot blower gearboxes for several years without failure or need for re-lubrication. DuPont developed a test rig to simulate the environment of a soot blower and demonstrate the capabilities of Krytox™. The photos above show Krytox® gearbox grease and a commonly used hydrocarbon grease after this test.

What to do:

  • Remove old grease from the soot blower gearbox and clean all surfaces
  • Start with a new clean bearing
  • Grease the soot blower gearbox and bearing with Krytox™ grease
  • Return the soot blower to service


  • Longer lubricant and gearbox life
  • No oxidation of the lubricant
  • Reduced maintenance requirements

Looking at the photos above, which lubricant would you rather be running in your gearbox? Contact Boulden today to discuss Krytox™ for your soot blowers.