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Krytox™ bearing lubricants

Lubricate your motor bearings for life with Krytox™

Chemours™ Krytox™

Increase the lubrication intervals, use less grease, and improve the reliability of your fans with Krytox™.

Typical Problem

Plants have been asking their personnel to do more with less for decades. Yet, when it comes to machinery lubrication, there is only so much you can do. If you extend the lubrication intervals, you reduce the manpower requirement for that task, but bearing failures increase. Furthermore, some machines run a bit hot and require re-lubrication much too frequently to achieve the reliability goals.

Recent testing from DuPont has shown that Krytox™ can really help in this situation. In the diagrams above, you can see the test results for both the ASTM D-3336 standard test for grease life in bearings and the ROF test for bearing life. In both tests, Krytox™ outlasted the most popular synthetic hydrocarbon greases with a life 20-60 times longer. Krytox™ does not oxidize and can run for extremely long lubrication intervals, dramatically reducing routine maintenance requirements for your machines.

What to do

  • Start with a new clean bearing
  • Grease the bearing with Krytox™. (Contact Boulden for detailed procedures)
  • Replace seals or shields to prevent leakage of the grease.
  • Tag the bearing as being greased for life with Krytox™
  • Fill approximately 40% of the bearing housing free space on either side of the bearing with Krytox™

Typical applications

  • Induced draft fan bearings
  • Air cooled heat exchanger bearings
  • Pump or motor bearings which run hot
  • Valves where hydrocarbon grease is washing away with the process

If you would like to extend the lubrication intervals for your equipment, perhaps even greasing your motor bearings for the life of the machine, contact Boulden to discuss your application today.