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Nonflammable Dupont Krytox lubricant

Krytox® does not support combustion. It will not burn, unlike hydrocarbon-based lubricant.

Typical Problem

When a bearing runs hot with hydrocarbon-based lubricant, there is a risk that the oil or grease could catch on fire. In a plant with non-flammable products, the machine will fail.  In a plant with flammable products, it could spell disaster.

Krytox® is the solution wherever this is a risk. Krytox® simply, flat-out, cannot burn. The chemical composition of Krytox® will not support combustion, even in a pure oxygen environment.

What to do

  • Replace the hydrocarbon lubricant with the correct grade of Krytox®
  • Follow recommended lubrication procedure for the type of machine/component (Contact Boulden to discuss details)


  • Any machine where there is a risk of the lubricant catching fire

If your plant has concerns about the lubricant catching fire in any application, contact Boulden today to find the grade of Krytox® which can ease your concerns.