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Anti-oxidization Krytox™ lubricant

Krytox™ simply does not oxidize

Typical Problem

Nearly every plant has a machine where the bearings tend to run hot. After a relatively short service life, the lubricant begins to cook. It begins turning black, forming varnish and tar on the bearing components, and machine life rapidly deteriorates.

Krytox™ is the ideal solution for just such a situation. Made from PFPE base oil, Krytox™ quite simply does not oxidize. It does not form varnishes or solids and can survive continuous service temperatures far beyond where the best synthetic hydrocarbons oxidize rapidly.

What to do

  • Start with a new clean bearing, making sure that all hydrocarbons and preservative oils have been removed with a solvent
  • Pack the bearing with the correct grade of Krytox™ grease or lubricate the bearing with the correct grade of Krytox™ oil
  • Make sure the bearing cavity is cleaned and then filled with the correct amount of Krytox™
  • Change the fittings on the lubrication ports and clearly tag them to indicate the machine is lubricated with Krytox™ so that contamination with hydrocarbons is avoided

Typical Examples

  • Asphalt pumps
  • Soot blowers
  • Some vertical pumps with greased bearings
  • Induced draft fan bearings

If you have a lubrication application where traditional lubricants are oxidizing, contact Boulden today to find the correct grade of Krytox™ to help solve your problem.