Composite Pump Components

Applications for Vespel CR-6100


Dupont Vespel CR-6100

Composite components can be used for a wide range of rotating equipment components.

Non-metallic composite wear components can significantly increase the life of bearings, bushings, wear rings and similar pump and rotating equipment components. The reduced friction of a non-metallic component results in longer component life, fewer mechanical failures, and increased time in service for the machine.

At Boulden Company, we supply and manufacture premium composite wear components that prolong the life of your pumps and other rotating machines, saving you time and money. Our experienced professionals will identify the composite non-metallic pump components that are best suited to your pump’s needs; effectively eliminating the frustrations that accompany a downed pump.

Contact us for more information regarding our composite materials for your non-metallic bushing or non-metallic bearing. In the USA, call us at 800-523-0569 and we will gladly speak to you regarding your requirements. Whether it’s Vespel CR-6100, or our own B-Series line of composite materials, Boulden Company is your trusted supplier of composite wear components.

Composite Pump Component Applications

Composite materials have been used for a wide variety of pump and rotating equipment wear components. Below is a listing of some of the successful applications where composite material components have been used over the years:

Composite Pump Component Options

Whether it’s a Vespel® CR-6100 or a Boulden B-Series composite non-metallic pump component, we have material in stock that will extend the life of your pump. Dupont™ Vespel® CR-6100 and Boulden B-Series products replace metal, carbon, bronze, and other composite materials for use in pump wear ringsvertical pump shaft bearingsthroat bushingsthrottle bushings and similar wear parts in centrifugal pumps. Our composite material options include the following:

Composite Wear Component Advantages

Upgrading pumps with composite materials improves your pump reliability, efficiency, and safety. The Boulden B-Series and Dupont™ Vespel® CR-6100 non-metallic pump components are a group of materials developed and manufactured to provide a broad range of beneficial qualities including:

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