Vertical Pump Shaft Bearings

Dupont Vespel vertical pump shaft bearings

Shaft bearings can be machined with axial or spiral grooves

Vespel CR-6100 pump shaft bearings

Engineered composite materials are an ideal shaft bearing material for multi-stage LPG pumps.

Vertically Suspended Pump Shaft Bearings

Boulden B-Series or Vespel® CR-6100 are ideal materials for vertically suspended pump shaft bearings, replacing traditional materials like bronze, carbon, or plastic bearings. 

What to do to Get the Most Out of Your Vertical Pump Shaft Bearings

  • Replace existing bearing materials with engineered composite materials
  • Keep the original design bearing clearance
  • Make sure the pump overhaul results in good rotor concentricity. The rotor should turn freely after assembly.
  • Vertically suspended pumps generally use rigid couplings. There should be a second check after coupling to make sure the rotor still turns freely to avoid coupling-induced shaft misalignment.

Benefits of using composite materials on Vertical Pump Shaft Bearings

  • Greater tolerance of dry-running at start up compared to traditional materials
  • Low wear and long life
  • Durable material that does not break from mechanical or thermal shocks compared to carbon-based materials

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