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Dupont Vespel for chemical factories

Dupont™ Vespel® for gas plants


As part of the production of natural gas, gas plants also produce hydrocarbon liquids. If the gas is sour, it will be necessary to strip the H2S. These are excellent applications for Vespel® CR-6100, a unique composite material developed by DuPont™.

Comprised of long carbon fibers blended with Teflon® resin, Vespel® CR-6100 is the ideal material for wear parts in gas plant pumps and machinery. It will improve equipment efficiency and safety, and can help reduce or eliminate pump seizure, vibration, and cavitation. It maintains its performance in temperatures from cryogenic to 500°F (260°C), exhibits near-universal chemical compatibility, and is easy to machine and install.

Boulden Company has the Vespel® CR-6100 materials you need to upgrade your gas plant pumps and other equipment for optimum performance and reliability.

Gas Plant Applications for Vespel® CR-6100

Typical Services

  • Hydrocarbon condensate
  • Natural gas liquids
  • Amine stripping pumps
  • Sour water

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