Cermatec™ prevents pump seizure

Cermatec™ is a durable, non-seizing material which can be used for pump wear rings, center bushings, and throttle bushings


Avoid Pump Seizure with Cermatec™ wear components

Pumps with metal wear rings have an inherent risk of seizure during off-design operation. Dry running, low flow rates, or mechanical faults can cause hard contact between two metal parts, leading to seizure and potentially extensive pump damage.

Cermatec™ can dramatically reduce the risk of pump seizure if you eliminate the metal-to-metal contact points in the pump. What this means in practice is changing all of the stationary wear components inside the pump to Cermatec™ and running them against hardened metal components. Now, all of the interfaces in the pump will be between metal and the fiber-reinforced composite Cermatec™ components.

What to do

  • Replace stationary wear components with Cermatec™ parts
  • Make sure rotating metal parts have adequate hardness
  • Perform a quality repair so that the rotor turns freely after assembly


  • No galling of the wear rings or bushings during alignment, slow-roll, start-up, or shut-down
  • Minimal risk of seizure during operation
  • Potential survival of run-dry incidents
  • Reduced damage during major failure modes (broken shaft, bearing failure)
  • Potential to increase efficiency with reduced clearance