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Boulden Company is a technical sales representative servicing the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.  With over 40 years of experience we are committed to providing our customers with quality solutions and products. Our response is immediate and our attitude exhibits a determination to go the extra mile.

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Compressor Rod Packing
Compressor Piston Rings
Rebecca Cartridge Fuel Valves
HSR Valve Restraints
Unloader Systems
Piston Rods
Segmented Pistons & Rods
Compressor Valves & Parts
Compressor Cylinder Repair
Power Piston Rings

Nugent Filters


Oil Conditioning Product
Filter Elements


Prognost Systems GmbH


Conditioning Monitoring Systems & Diagnostic Services


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Machine & Valve Repair Shop
Field Service - Compressor Overhaul & Repair 
Compressor & Pump Technical Support 
Pump Repair 
Lubrication Systems